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The most pivotal moment in my audiophile mission occurred on the day which I visited Audio Hardware to meet speaker maker Steve Kranis.


Mr. Kranis has decades of experience with pro and consumer audio. He will custom design and / or manufacture stereo and home theatre loudspeakers which will provide the exact sound you desire.


The pinnacle result arrives at a mind blowing sound costing much lower, dollar for dollar, than any typical "poser" audio product.


For either ultimate fidelity or sound stage realism - Mr. Kranis' speakers systems will make your dream become a reality.


For the absolute best in sound, then, look no further than the team at Audio Hardware Inc.


Equipment Used:


K2's, Custom 18" Sub Woofers, Military Silver Cables, Real-Time Analysis Room Tuning.


My Audio Education

Guided by Steve Kranis, master speaker designer of Audio Hardware Inc. Toronto Canada, I was educated on how to achieve the best possible sound on a given budget using professional grade amplifiers and digital signal processing products - together with his incredible speaker designs.


My quest for quality audio began in the late '70's. I realized quickly that mass produced consumer equipment with many boasting their visually appealing face plates rarely mirrored my perception of fine audio. Since 1998, I confidently left the grid of consumer trinkets by not purchasing any more consumer grade audio components.


Accepting the Accolades

As a starting point, I had to make sense of Audio Hardware's accolades by accepting the notoriety of the numerous custom systems that they have professionally designed and installed into recording studios across North America. Their audio systems are on the covers of recording studio industry magazines.


The Spectacular K2 Full Range Speakers

One of Steve's highly regarded hallmark products are the Kranis 2's which are also known as the "K2's". As a proud owner myself, I am still getting used to the size of the sound stage, the realism and mind blowing fidelity. They are incredibly open and transparent.


Consumer Crossovers Redesigned

I believe that consumer speakers are not always tuned to a flat response. It does require expensive quality crossover components. These costs reduce the profits by speaker manufacturers. I believe that the initial joy of saving some money never offsets the less than adequate audio fidelity that a cheap crossover produces.


Steve Kranis has proficiently reworked four of my old consumer grade speaker's crossovers which were purchased before I ever heard of Audio Hardware. Steve corrected their audio response to within a surprisingly one dB accuracy. My sons now enjoy these old speakers in their own audio system setups.


Military Grade Silver Interconnect Cables

Audio Hardware is also famous for Military Grade Silver Interconnect Cables. These products improve the audio sound superbly. They are custom handmade by Steve himself using top of the line German Made Neutrik Connectors. Please do not overlook the significant difference in audio fidelity improvement that Silver Interconnect Cables produce in the audio spectrum of your personal audio system. If Silver Interconnects were the only components that you could afford - please purchase them! All of my line level audio signal connections are made with these silver cables.


With his mind, hands and heart, Steve Kranis delivers an unheard of audio experience. In my opinion, there is no other person in Toronto; the province of Ontario nor all of Canada who has the knowhow to design Steve's levels of quality audio systems.


Audio improvements are never ending. Thankfully, Steve understands how to achieve the most audible improvements for my given budget. Thank you Steve and your staff at Audio Hardware for providing many years of audio education and for being my primary source for audio equipment purchases.


Equipment Used:


K2's, Camber 8's, Centre Channel, Military Silver Cables, Real-Time Analysis Room Tuning, Custom Equipment Rack, OEM Crossover Redesigns for Consumer grade audio speakers.


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